08.05.2023 Author: IPMA Awards

The IPMA Global Research Awards were handed out in Nanjing, China!

The IPMA has awarded research projects which contribute to the development of the project management field.

The award-winning research work addressed the most important challenges faced by our discipline: sustainable development, mega-project management and effective leadership.

Research Award Winners 2023 are:

  • Professor Giorgio Locatelli representing Politecnico di Milano, Italy, with the project „The successful planning and delivery of Megaprojects: a short and long term perspective.”
  • Professor Young Hoon Kwak from George Washington University, USA, with the project “Sustainable Smart City Framework for the Future”.

Graduate Research Award Winner

  • Jianfeng Zhao, PhD student from China with a PhD research titled “Rethinking value for money in Public Private Partnerships: a critique, analysis and model for infrastructure projects”.

Young Researcher Award Winner

  • Ge Wang, a professor from China with research titled “Megaproject Management: Top Management Team and Governance Ecosystem”.

Above awards were handed out by Professor Martina Huemann – Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Project Management and Project Leadership in Society.

IPMA Global Research Achievement Award

This award has been handed by Professor Mladen Vukomanovic – IPMA Vice President for Profession Development and Professor Vladimir Obradovic – IPMA Vice President for Administration, Finance & Events.

  • this prestigious award was presented to Professor Anbang Qi. The Award Judges decided to reward his lifetime achievements, including research, academic and business management.

„We are very excited with the number of applicants who entered the competition this year. Awards applications are evaltued by a group of dedicated Research judges, baded on the following criteria: Research results achieved, originality, theoretical foundation, transparency, professionalism of Research processes and methodologies, practical relevance, recognition and/or influential impact on further Research on project management Each application has been verified by at least 3 judges and the final decision was made during the special meeting. Being nominated a a finalist means that you have been recognised by your peers. Congratulations to all of you!” – said Marija Todorović, IPMA Research Coordinator.


IPMA Project Excellence Award

An important part of the IPMA Research Awards Gala was the presentation of the award to the Gold Winners of the IPMA PE Award 2022 in the category of Large- & Mega-sized Projects: Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation LTD. The representatives of the winners could not make it to the IPMA Global Awards Gala 2022 (held in November in the Netherlands), and finally, they got the chance to get on to the stage! The award has been handed out by Professor Reinhard Wagner, Chief Judge of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Large-& Mega-sized Projects Award and Professor Vladimir Obradovic – IPMA Vice President for Administration, Finance & Events.

The First IPMA Registered Programme in China

Dr Rebeka D. Vlahov Golomejić – IPMA Profession Development Manager honoured on the stage the first Chinese University that has been registered for IPMA educational programme within the frames of IPMA Education & Training Registration System. The organiser of the programme is Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, and the title of the programme is Master of Science in Project Management.

The IPMA Research Awards Gala in Nanjing, China was a highly anticipated event, which brought together some of the most prominent management scholars and professionals from around the world. The ceremony, held at the amazing venues of the Longpan Hall, and Mariott Hotel, was a celebration of the achievements of individuals and universities who have made significant contributions to the field of project management Research.
The event underlined the growing importance of project management Research in the global community, and it served as a platform for recognizing the contributions of the individuals and organizations that are helping to advance the field.

View the photo gallery HERE

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