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Award Categories

Global Individual Award

The Awards recognise individuals who can prove outstanding project management achievements, regardless of scale or the number of projects completed.
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How to Apply?

Step 1
Submit the Application Form
Deadline: 10 May 2021
Any programme/project director/project manager/Agile Leader is eligible to enter the IPMA Global Individual Awards. A winning individual will be one who demonstrates, through narratives and documentary evidence, achieved excellence and/or innovation in project management or agile leadership practices as defined by ICB version 4.0 over a cumulative period of two years or more. The project(s)/work undertaken may be of any size, complexity or value, from either the public or private sector and can be located anywhere in the world.
Receive notification about the Judges decision
Deadline: 25 Jun 2021
All judging is conducted by a group of judges selected from a range of industry groups, who collectively have a broad range of experience in project management, and are independent of all submissions. Only three Finalists per category are announced. The judges results determinate which Finalists are awarded a Bronze, Silver and Gold award.
Step 3
Participate in the IPMA Global Awards Gala
Deadline: 22 September 2021
The winners are announced at the IPMA Global Awards Gala event. All finalists are also invited to take part in several events organised during the IPMA World Congress: the Awards Winners Club, a Feedback session, the Awards Market place when they can present their organisation, project and results and network with other prestigious global Project Managers.

Related Events

Country: Russia
Town: St. Petersburg
Event type: Congress
Event pricing: from 450 €

The Congress is an international authoritative platform and an effective tool for the development of professional relationships, evaluation of achievements and discussion of global trends in project management.

2021 Congress Theme is Project Management in the Digital Transformation Era.

For whom: for project managers in public and private organizations, professors, scientists, teachers and directors of the project offices in universities

Venue: Holiday Inn: St. Petersburg — Moskovskye V., Moskovsky Prospekt 97a

5 main Congress Sections are: 

  • Project Management Perspective. Project Governance for modern organisation: Management of national programs — scale matters.
  • Project Management Practice. Project management system — evolution of approaches and tools.
  • Project Management People: Project Leader’s competences for the digital age: The project manager today — a professional and a personality.
  • Project Management Methodology. New ideas for the new times of digitalisation: Mathematical methods of project management — development prospects.
  • Project Management Agility. Opportunities and challenges: Conventional, Agile… what’s next?

At the Congress Winners of the IPMA Global Project Excellence: Large-/ Mega-Sized projects and Small- / Medium- Sized projects and Individual Awards will be announced at the Gala Dinner and Winner’s Award Ceremony.

Organisers: IPMA, SOVNET
Country: online
Event type: online
Event pricing:

Meet the 2021 winners and join the virtual IPMA Global Awards Ceremony 2021 on 22nd September

  • 3 main award categories
  • Judges’ statements
  • Best practices
  • Individual achievements

Date: 22nd September
Time: will be announced soon

To register go to: http://bpw.ipma.world/awards/

We invite you to an amazing annual global event where IPMA for the 20th time will award outstanding project management achievements. Exceptional projects, Project Managers and Researchers in the field of project management will be presented and awarded.

Due to travel restrictions, this year’s Awards Ceremony will be organized in the form of a television show. The event will be hosted by a well-known speaker and will include finalist project presentations and films, explanations from the various international panel of judges, and numerous statements by IPMA representatives.

Meet the winners and meet the judges
Save the date in your agenda and see what practices the best-managed projects in the world use, what contributed to their success, what challenges they faced, and what results they achieved.

In the Awards Ceremony, awards will be handed out in the following categories:

IPMA Global Individual Awards

  • Young Project Manager of the Year
  • Project Manager of the Year
  • Agile Leader of the Year

IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards

  • Project Excellence Award for Small- & Medium-Sized projects
  • Project Excellence Award for Large-Sized projects
  • Project Excellence Award for Mega-Sized projects

IPMA Global Research Awards

  • Graduate Research Award
  • Young Researcher Award
  • Research Award
  • Research Achievement Award
Organisers: IPMA
Step 4
Receive the Feedback Report
Deadline: 24 September 2021
All Finalists receive a Feedback Report from the judges group containing a description of the strengths and areas for improvement on the Individual Competence Baseline criteria presented in the submission.

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€ 300

€ 150


Project Manager of the Year* Question mark
Agile Leader of the Year* Question mark
Young Project Manager of the Year** Question mark

Application Fee Includes

Submission based application and judging process

The Award application fee should be paid on the website: IPMA SHOP.

The application will only be final once payment is received by the IPMA. The IPMA has the right to cancel/decline the application if the payment is not received within 14 days after the invoice submission.

Where an Applicant applies for more than one category, a separate fee applies to each application.

If the application is cancelled by IPMA for this reason, the applicant is obliged to pay 20% of the fee to cover the costs already made by the IPMA. The initial fee will not be charged.

* Finalists are offered a pre-paid ticket to the IPMA World Congress and the Gala and an entry to the IPMA Awards Winners Club

** Finalists are offered a pre-paid ticket to the IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop and the Gala and an entry to the IPMA Awards Winners Club. Finalists of the Young Project Manager of the Year Award additionally receive a sponsoring package which covers their travel and accommodation costs related to a participation in the IPMA Global Young Crew Workshops.

IPMA standards

IPMA Global Individual Award is based on the the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline® Version 4.0

Wall of Fame

Get to know our finalists, their projects and achievements, thanks to which they stood on the stage.
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Younous Hizebry
IPMA Agile Leader of the Year 2020 Gold Winner
It is such a privilege to have won at the IPMA Excellence awards, an amazing learning experience that I will never forget! I was delighted that all the input and hard work done was recognized by judges who are at the top of their field. Winning this award just reinforces my convictions how important to develop and collaborate with an agile mindset that brings excellence in project management. Pushing myself and teams to produce even better work in a great environment and embracing the unique culture that is the true spirit of SAGLOBAL. So, I am proud to dedicate this award to my teams and colleagues, as an external validation of the work accomplished. Together, we are “Agile, Capable and Committed”! I would like to thank IPMA for this exceptional worldwide PM Awards: the feedback report was very informative, the PE Awards was so well organized and the gala was really fantastic!
Quote svg icon
Tanja Haringa
IPMA Agile Leader of the Year 2020 Silver Winner
I was asked to apply by IPMA, I just passed certification for Agile Leadership IPMA-B. The model for IPMA is competence based irrespective of the agile model you use. It was very beneficial to me as a person as I learned more about required competences next to the ones I already use. On top it is an international award and therefore is known in multiple different organizations worldwide. I am known now as an agile leader even more than after my certification within my organization but also with my valued customers. I learned more about competences I can use for Agile leadership, and also from the feedback I received from the company I wrote the award winning Agile Leadership document!
Quote svg icon
Karin Appelgren
IPMA Agile Leader of the Year 2020 Bronze Winner
To be one of the first agile leaders at the wall of fame and to receive the bronze medal in 2020 IPMA World awards Agile leader of the year is a great honour. I hope this prize will inpire others to dare run large project with agile methodology and innovative leadership that include focus on soft values.
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Katalin Borbényi
IPMA Project Manager of the Year 2020 Bronze Winner
The IPMA competition has broadened my knowledge and given me more networking opportunities than ever. I feel myself over the Moon with my bronze medal.
Quote svg icon
Shan Bala
IPMA Project Manager of the Year Silver Winner 2018
My experience in taking part in the awards was a very proud and humbling one. I feel that the awards is a cornerstone in project management excellence and for myself to experience that on a world stage was very gratifying in terms of accomplishment, team work, leadership and personal contribution. It was a fantastic opportunity to represent my profession, team and of course country while sharing the same with other finalists from around the world.
Quote svg icon
Denis Fadin
IPMA Young Project Manager of the Year Silver Winner 2018
Stop and think about what you are doing. Make conclusions from your projects. What you are doing good and what can you improve. What difficulties you faced in your project and how you overcame them? What will you do differently in your next projects?
Quote svg icon
Jessica Hoddinott
IPMA Young Project Manager of the Year Gold Winner 2018
I have applied to gain experience in my chosen field and exposure in the International Project Management Industry

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        Awards PMO operates for 75 countries
        All Awards processes are run by two people - based in Poland, but supported by the IPMA Management Services


        billion euro
        Is a budget of the all finalists’ projects in the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards in 2020


        PE Awards Assessor performed more than 810 times in their role
        PE Award is the most complex international initiative for project evaluation, exchange of experiences, opportunities for learning and continuous improvement, as well as projects recognition


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