Frequently Asked Questions for the IPMA Global Awards Large- and Mega-Sized project categories application and assessment process.

Q: Our project is delivered/finished around the report submission deadline. Can we still apply?
A: Yes, you can apply. As long as the end results of the project are available to be reviewed.

Q: We would like to have more information about the training that should be done before applying for the award. Is it necessary?
A: You do not have to participate in a training about the IPMA Project Excellence Model or Assessment Process. It is advisable though to do so. IPMA offers 3-day IPMA Project Excellence Assessment training and dedicated webinars for applicant organisations.

Q: What documents do we need for the application?
A: Applicant organisations need to complete the “Application from” and “Application Report”. You apply on the plaftorm: ipma.awardsplatform.com.

Q: Are Site Visit costs of the Assessment Team, such as assessor flights, visas, hotels and meals, included in an Application Fee €4000?
A: No, they are not. The fee covers the application costs only.

Q: Where do we submit the Application Form? Do we upload it directly on the website or send it directly to the Awards team?
A: You apply on the plaftorm: ipma.awardsplatform.com.

Q: The dates of the Site Visit are already scheduled however, we would like to change those dates. Where can we indicate this date change request?
A: Contact the IPMA Awards team: award@ipma.world

Q: Do you have native speaking assessors in your teams?
A: According to the Assessment Process description, the Awards Team proposes Assessment Teams to the IPMA Vice President for acceptance on the basis of assessor availability and suitability. The 5-person assessment teams include at least: sector or branch knowledge a native speaking assessor in every team if only possible.

Q: Who is eligible for nomination?
Any organisation can enter a submission.

Q: How are the IPMA Award nominees identified?
The award is open to all organizations wishing to present their achievements in project management. An organisation does not have to be a member of an association.

Q: Who are the judges?
The judges are the IPMA trained Project Excellence Awards Assessors/ Judges. Each application is assessed by 3 judges with a broad range of experience in project management who coduct the assessment individually but prepare the combined feedback report to the applicant. See more: https://awards.ipma.world/pe-assessors/.

Q: How are the nominations scored?
The applications are scored based on the IPMA Project Excellence Model and related scoring tables.

Q: What are the criteria for evaluating an IPMA Award nomination?
The application criteria are assessed according to the IPMA Project Excellence Model (part of the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline). Download the document here

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