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Global Research Awards

The IPMA Research Awards aim to promote excellent research to enhance project management. With these annual awards IPMA recognises recent outstanding contributions to the development of the field and profession project management through professionally conducted research
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How to Apply?

Step 1
Submit the Application Report
Deadline: 20 May 2019
The research project must have had at least a duration of one year and must be completed, when the application is handed in, that is the basis of the judges’ evaluation.
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Download and fill in Application Documents
Receive notification about Judges decision
Deadline: 1 July 2019
In the evaluation the Judges consider the research results as well as the research process. The evaluation criteria are: research results achieved, originality and innovation, theoretical foundation
Step 3
Participate in the IPMA Global Research Award Gala
Deadline: 6 September 2019
Present your research results and network with prestigious global Project Management Researchers at the annual IPMA Research Conference and the Gala.

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IPMA standards

IPMA Global Research Awards contribute to further development of the IPMA standards

Wall of Fame

Get to know our finalists, their projects and achievements, thanks to which they stood on the stage.
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Dr. Ofer Zwikael
IPMA is dedicated to promote research excellence in project management. As a truly international organization, IPMA reaches out to people anywhere in the world. IPMA provides opportunities for scholars to interact, discuss and enhance the quality of their research to support project management practice. It is my great honor that my research was recognized by such an elite organization.
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Prof. Christophe Bredillet
I am very proud and honored to have been conferred the IPMA Research Achievement Award 2016 and to join the prestigious group of colleagues who shape and move the field forward. I thank IPMA, as the unique truly international and multicultural Professional Association, for paying a special attention to competence and capability building through the recognition of “open-minded” research.
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Taryn Jane Bond-Barnard
I was excited to learn about IPMA’s global research awards. The awards are crucial for recognising and promoting excellence in project management research. The research awards give you the opportunity to network and interact with the top researchers in project management.
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Dr. Timo Braun
IPMA is the key player in the professionalisation of project management around the world. Its activities truly advance the discipline and are extremely valuable for both, practitioners and scholars. This award gives us confidence in the applicability of our findings and it is a great help to facilitate the diffusion of scientific findings to maintain project management excellence in the future.
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Prof. Derek Walker
I am really pleased and honoured with the 2018 IPMA Research Achievement Award and to join such a distinguished group from past years. It was a really special recognition for my career and contributions over the past decades. The IPMA is a wonderful organisation and so this award is a truly global recognition that I cherish.

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    Awards PMO operates for 71 countries
    All Awards processes are run by one person - based in Poland, but supported by the IPMA Management Services


    billion euro
    Is a budget of the all finalists’ projects in the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards in 2018


    PE Awards Assessor performed more than 760 times in their role
    PE Award is the most complex international initiative for project evaluation, exchange of experiences, opportunities for learning and continuous improvement, as well as projects recognition


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