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Award Categories

Small-/ Medium-sized Projects

Global Project Excellence Award

Awards for projects and programmes presenting awards to teams that display and can prove great achievements in project and programme management. Projects compete within a project types categoy and are judged individually based on an Application Report.
for project with a bugdet < 50 € million
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How to Apply?

Step 1
Take part in a webinar or a training
A one-hour marketing webinar describing the IPMA, the Global Project Excellence Awards and awards process. This webinar is organised for a broad audience and can also be organised on an in-company basis on request. We also offer 3-day training for potential Project Excellence Award assessors or for applicants who would like to prepare themselves to participate in the assessment process. 

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Country: South Africa
Town: Cape Town
Event type: IPMA Global Awards Gala
Event pricing: 120 €
Organisers: IPMA & IPMA South Africa
Submit the Application Report
Deadline: 10 June 2024
Presented projects must fulfill the definition of a project described in IPMA ICB version 4.0. The applicant project or concrete project phase must be completed within the last 18 months before the Award application. Only one submission per applicant in each project type category is permitted. A winning project will be one that demonstrates, through narratives and documentary evidence, excellence and/or innovation in the application of project management.
Step 3
Receive notification about Judges decision
Deadline: 12 July 2024
All judging is conducted by a group of assessors selected from a range of industry groups, who collectively have a broad range of experience in project management, and are independent of all submissions. Only three Finalists per project type category are announced. The assessors results determinate which Finalists are awarded a Bronze, Silver and Gold award.
Step 4
Participate in the IPMA Global Awards Gala
Deadline: 29 November 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa
The winners are announced at the IPMA Global Awards Gala event. All finalists are also invited to take part in several events organised during the IPMA World Congress: the Awards Winners Club, a Feedback session, the Awards Market place when they can present their organisation, project and results and network with other prestigious global Project Managers.

Related Events

Country: South Africa
Town: Cape Town
Organisers: IPMA & IPMA South Africa
Step 5
Receive the Feedback Report
Deadline: 15 December 2024
All Finalists receive a Feedback Report from the assessors group containing a description of the strengths and areas for improvement on the IPMA Project Excellence Model criteria presented in the submission.

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€ 600

€ 300


IT / Telecommunications Question mark
Construction / Engineering / Infrastructure Question mark
Social / Regional Development / Community Service Question mark
Change Management / Product Development / Marketing Question mark
*Social/ Community Service Question mark

Application Fee Includes

Submission based application and judging process
The Award application fee should be paid on the website: IPMA SHOP. Finalists are offered one free IPMA World Congress and Gala ticket and an entry to the IPMA Awards Winners Club.


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        IPMA standards

        IPMA Global Project Excellence Award is based on the the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline

        Wall of Fame

        Get to know our finalists, their projects and achievements, thanks to which they stood on the stage.
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        Quote svg icon
        Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
        IPMA Small-/Medium-Sized project Gold Winner
        Participation in the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards provided us with an opportunity to exchange experience and was an element of benchmarking of the process of introducing the project approach into the public administration system, and also increased the image of Kazakhstan in the international expert environment. The Award gave impetus and confidence to government agencies for the further application of project management in their activities. It is a worldwide recognition of outstanding and exemplary project management excellence.
        Quote svg icon
        City of Cape Town, South Africa
        IPMA PE Small-/ Medium-Sized project Silver Winner
        “It was honour to receive international recognition from the IPMA for the Dunoon Library project. We are inspired and energised to continue our journey of project excellence in service of the people of Cape Town” Leon Poleman – Project Manager City of Cape Town
        Quote svg icon
        Mr. Widjaja S Sumarjadi
        PT Tripatra Engineers and Constructors, Prize Winner 2012
        This achievement is not an end result; it will be the starting point of our continuous improvement process so that we can complete the project with better quality in the future.
        Quote svg icon
        Mr. Jean-Michel Reix
        Thales Alenia Space, Gold Winner 2014
        This recognition in the management field by a an international organisation is very important and contributes to our image towards our Customer. It confirms our company management capabilities in a complex project getting an additional reference for future bids.
        Quote svg icon
        Mr. Riccardo Fabbri
        GE Oil & Gas, Gold Winner 2014
        Applying for the Award has been an intense learning and benchmarking experience, which resulted in significant recognition. If you are motivated to having the opportunity to influence your organisation and growing in self awareness, then IPMA will give you a boost (key).

        About IPMA Global Awards.

        Did you know that…


        Awards PMO operates for 75 countries
        All Awards processes are run by two people - based in Poland, but supported by the IPMA Management Services


        billion euro
        Is a budget of the all finalists’ projects in the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards in 2021


        PE Awards Assessor performed more than 860 times in their role
        PE Award is the most complex international initiative for project evaluation, exchange of experiences, opportunities for learning and continuous improvement, as well as projects recognition


        Publications on the Research Award
        We are still researching to come up with significant facts

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