09.03.2020 Author: IPMA Global Awards Manager

New assessors join the IPMA Project Excellence Awards Assessor Pool!

IPMA congratulates the 23 newly qualified IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards assessors. If selected for the Assessor Pool, these assessors may perform a role as assessor for projects submitted in the Large- and Mega-Sized project categories or as judge for projects submitted in the Small-/Medium-Sized projects category in the annual IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards.

Potential applicants organisations and experienced project management professionals from 12 countries participated in the 3-day training, which took place from 6-8 March in Vilnius. They worked hard on getting to know:

  • IPMA and the IPMA Global Awards processes;
  • The background and purpose of the IPMA Project Excellence baseline;
  • The (sub-)criteria and set up of the Project Excellence Model and scoring system
  • Roles and responsibilities of assessors, judges and applicants;
  • The detailed project assessment process including:
    • The individual assessment process;
    • Reaching consensus in the form of a common assessment result;
    • Conducting a site visit (interviews and document review);
    • Preparing the Feedback Report for the Applicant organisation.

The training was carried out by a very experienced team of Lead Assessors: Pau Lian Staal-Ong – currently the IPMA Global Awards Coordinator – and Grzegorz Szalajko, who were supported by Ewa Bednarczyk from the Awards PMO. The training was hosted by IPMA Lithuania.

In addition to having to pass the test at the end of the training, in order to qualify for the Assessor Pool, participants have to receive a positive recommendation from the trainers on the basis of their observations of participants during the training.

Representatives of organisations that are considering to apply for the 2020 award also participated in the training. Getting familiar with the IPMA Project Excellence Model and assessment process makes it significantly easier to prepare an Application Report and a Site Visit.

What do our participants think about this training?

“I am looking back at an intensive, fruitful and energetic training about the IPMA Project Excellence Model (People & Purpose, Processes & Resources and Project Results) in Vilnius, Lithuania. During the training we (23 potential assessors from Europe, Asia and South America) familiarized ourself with the model and the assessment process using action learning, to become part of the pool with assessors for large and mega-sized projects). It was awesome and fun and the dinners helped to build a new personal network. I have added a fantastic group of new people to my network! I am looking forward to the first assessment.” Henny Portman

“The IPMA training in Vilnius has been a great experience. Very interesting, practical and inspiring to work with all these great people from around the world. We also had a lot of fun!” Agnes Hólm Gunnarsdóttir

Project Excellence Award training provided comprehensive hands-on skills to perform awards assessments as a member of global assessor team. Training also introduced IPMA project excellence model (PEB) in a very practical level. I will apply this knowledge and PEB model to my work to make projects I manage or support more successful. On the top of this I got to know 23 wonderful professionals throughout the world.Virpi Pikkarainen

This training is the only global training organised by the IPMA Awards PMO this year. The next one is expected to take place in 2021. Please refer to the www.awards.ipma.world website for more information on dates and locations.

Deadline Project Excellence Awards Applications:

  • Small-/Medium-Sized projects: 22nd May 2020
  • Large-Sized projects: 22nd March 2020 (Application Report due: 22nd April 2020)
  • Mega-Sized projects: 22nd March 2020 (Application Report due: 22nd April 2020)

For more information, please contact award@ipma.world or ewa.bednarczyk@ipma.world.



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