04.07.2019 Author: IPMA Global Awards Manager

IPMA announces the finalists of the award in the category: Social/Regional Development/Community Service

We are announcing the finalists of the award in the category: Social/Regional Development/Community Service.  This category is dedicated to: cultural, volunteer or not-for-profit delivered projects as well as projects that are conducted to achieve (sustainable) development goals, as well as projects that realise social and economic benefit to a city or region.

The category, which replaced the Achievement Awards organised in recent years, was very popular. Three finalists have been selected from the numerous submitted projects:

Project: Woolooware Bay Shared Pathway Stage 6, Taren Point, NSW, Australia, Sutherland Shire Council, Australia

The inaccessible, contaminated foreshore of Woolooware Bay has been returned to the community, as a place for people for all ages and abilities to gather.  Woolooware Bay is of global importance for migratory birds. Numerous sensitive ecosystems were protected, and additional habitat provided to ensure they all thrive.  The project recreated saltmarsh, revealed and reframed the cultural heritage of oyster farming, re-valued mangroves and now provides panoramic views of Botany Bay.  A heritage oyster jetty, innovative sand island, bird hide, boardwalks, viewing platforms, picnic tables and grassy outlook, create opportunities to cycle, walk, talk, meet, reflect, observe and preserve.

Project: Shepparton Law Courts, Court Services Victoria & Ontoit, Australia

The $73 million Shepparton Law Courts form a new regional headquarters centered on the open and transparent delivery of justice in Greater Shepparton and beyond. Spanning five levels, the building required innovative engineering and construction methods and a complex functional design to meet current community expectations and cater for muliple court juridsications in a single facility. The state-of-the-art building reflects contemporary applications of courthouse design, information technology, environmental sustainability, and changing justice delivery models. Comprising six main courtrooms servicing all jurisdictions, the new courthouse provides a safer environment for all users and more accessible justice services for the community. Opened in 2018, the facility was delivered with extensive stakeholder consultation and support from the local Shepparton community.

Project: Citizen Participation in the Conservation of the Sierra de Zapalinamé, a Project for the Saltillo Hydrological Basin, Protección de la Fauna Mexicana, A. C., Mexico

Profauna is a civil association that currently administers and manages the Sierra de Zapaliname Natural Protected Area (SZNPA) in Coahuila, Mexico. Profauna has sought innovative and permanent mechanisms that allow the implementation of conservation activities, where society participates directly in the financing of this. Under this scheme, the Basins and Cities project was developed, where citizens make voluntary contributions, through their reception of water, which are channeled to the conservation of SZNPA, the main provider of environmental services for the cities of Saltillo, Arteaga and Ramos Arizpe. This social financing currently represents 46% of the operating funds of the SZANP.

The final ranking of the finalists will be announced at the IPMA Global Awards Gala in Merida on 30 September, which accompanies 31st IPMA World Congress.

The IPMA PE Awards Small-/ Medium Sized projects recognises teams that display and can prove great achievements in project and programme management. Applicants compete within the Small-/ Medium Sized project category and are judged individually by a qualified international Judges based on an Application Report. After the competition, Applicants receive a Feedback Report from the Judges describing the strengths and areas for improvement on the selected Project Excellence Model criteria.

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