11.10.2023 Author: IPMA Awards

Get to know IPMA Agile Leader of the Year 2023 Award Winners!

The IPMA Global Award Agile Leader category recognises those individuals who most effectively demonstrate their agile leadership competences regardless of the scale, number, complexity or type of work referenced. The Judges assessment focuses on the qualities of the individual. The submission will be assessed in terms of completeness, clarity and succinctness.

Let us get to know more about the Winners in 2023 and their Projects!

Silver Winner – Payam Mayeli Faridany

Project Name: Stoor
Company: Stoor
Country: Iran

This year, the Instagram market in Iran was valued at $750 million with 415,000 stores and 40 million installs. However, this market was filtered by the government sanction and Instagram application in Iran. More than one million people were exposed to the risk of unemployment. Store Platform started to create a free website and provide digital marketing services, and to increase the purchasing power of users of these businesses, it entered into contracts with BNPL companies in Iran to provide potential purchase options to its customers. Offer. Finally, the income from this investment comes from the commission of each store.

Gold Winner – Waleed Mostafa

Project Name: Digital platform for banking and financial sector customers
Company: Solutions by STC
Country: Saudi Arabia

As a leader at Solutions by STC, I have a track record of driving high-performance teams that consistently deliver on complex projects and programs. I believe that in today’s digital era and volatile business environment, it is critical to lead with an agile mindset and lean thinking that can respond to changing technologies and customer needs. In fact, I adopt a Servant leadership style, with a clear vision and responsibility delegation, encouraging team members to act as leaders themselves.

With these approaches, I have successfully led teams to deliver exceptional project outcomes while fostering a culture of agility and adaptability.

The Winners of the IPMA Global Awards 2023 were announced at the IPMA Global Awards Gala, held in Seville, Spain – on the 22nd of September.

IPMA is pleased to congratulate all Winners!

If you are interested in applying for the next IPMA Global Awards round, don’t hesitate to contact the IPMA Global Awards PMO at award@ipma.world.

Stay tuned for more news about our Winners!

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