30.09.2021 Author: IPMA Awards

Find out the Winners of IPMA Global Individual Awards 2021

In the category of Young Project Manager of the 2021 the nominees were as follows:

  1.  Alireza Aslanhosseini from Iran with his project “Operations Technical Services and Overhaul of Parsian Gas Refinery”,
  2. Massimo Galletta from Italy with his project “Neart na Gaoithe Project – Strength of the Wind”,
  3. Fereshte Mirhosseini from Iran with her project “Implementation of Quality Management System in Zahedan International Airport”.

IPMA Global Individual Judges Panel announced that the Bronze has been awarded to Alireza Aslanhosseini.
The Silver award has been awarded to Massimo Galletta. And the Gold award goes to Fereshte Mirhosseini.

The nominees in the category of Project Manager of the 2021 were:

  1. dr. Mónika Iszály from Hungary with the project “Development and implementation of the central infrastructure of the Hungarian Instant Payment System and the connected services”,
  2. Zaharuddin Jaafar from Malaysia with the “RAPID Petrochemical P7 EPCC Prolypropylene Project”,
  3. Adam Tull from Australia with “The New Parallel Runway Project”.

The Judges have decided to award the Bronze award goes to dr. Mónika Iszály. The Judges were impressed by the leadership implemented in the challenging project and partnerships created with important stakeholders.

The Silver award goes to Zaharuddin Jaafar. The Judges were impressed by some outstanding project management results and innovations that Mr Jaafar has realised in his projects.

And the Gold award goes to Adam Tull. The Judges were especially impressed by the high level of competence shown and willingness to be innovative in addressing complex challenges.

This year there was only one  nomination in the category of IPMA Agile Leader of the Year:

  1. Saeid Nowruzi from Iran, Agile solution: “Bank e Man”.

The Judges Panel decided that Saeid Nowruzi receives the Bronze award. The Judges were impressed by how the applicant demonstrated the creation of a productive work environment whilst simultanously balancing technical and management skills.


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