08.02.2023 Author: IPMA Awards

New IPMA Project Excellence Award Assessors!

13 participants took part in the IPMA Project Excellence Assessment training, 6-8th February 2023, Cape Town, South Africa.

The group consisted of very experienced project, programme and portfolio managers from the City of Cape Town, some of whom have been involved in the IPMA Awards competition as applicants and winners in previous years. This training is part of the city’s commitment to continuously improving its project management approach. They not only focus on recognising outstanding projects through awards, but also on improving their own internal review and knowledge management processes through the applications of the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline.

The yearly three-day training took place in the DHL stadium – a 2022 Project Excellence Award-winning project – and was organised for anyone interested in understanding and who would like to be able to apply the IPMA Project Excellence Model in their projects, programmes and/or organisations. In addition, this training is for IPMA Project Excellence Award applicant organisations, (potential) Award Assessors and Judges who would like to participate in the 2023 Global Awards competition.

The training programme consisted of active working sessions, discussions and presentations focussed on understanding:

  • IPMA and the IPMA Global Awards processes;
  • The background and purpose of the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline;
  • The (sub-)criteria and set up of the Project Excellence Model and scoring system;
  • Roles and responsibilities of assessors, judges and applicants;
  • The detailed project assessment process including:
    • The individual assessment process;
    • Reaching consensus in the form of a common assessment result;
    • Conducting a site visit (interviews and document review);
    • Preparing the Feedback Report for the Applicant organisation.

The training was carried out by a very experienced team of Lead Assessors: Pau Lian Staal-Ong – currently the IPMA Global Awards Coordinator – and Przemysław Domański – IPMA Global PE Awards Coordinator. The training was hosted by IPMA South Africa.

In addition to having to pass the test at the end of the training, in order to qualify for the Assessor Pool, participants have to receive a positive recommendation from the trainers on the basis of their observations of participants during the training.

Would you like to join or organise a training?
Please contact award@ipma.world.

If you want to apply for the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award, please visit: https://awards.ipma.world/ipma-global-project-excellence-award-largemega-sized-projects/ or https://awards.ipma.world/ipma-global-project-excellence-award-small-medium-sized-projects/

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