14.10.2022 Author: IPMA Awards

IPMA Global Awards Gala 2022

One month left to one of the most essential IPMA events!

Every year IPMA recognises projects, individuals and research projects in project management. We look for excellent examples, innovative solutions, inspirational leadership, effective resource management, value creation with stakeholder involvement, and outstanding results.

It is an excellent opportunity to meet the award finalists and learn about the final results.
You can get more information about the Finalists in four categories on awards.ipma.world/news/.

This year’s IPMA Global Awards Gala will be held during the IPMA Netherlands National Conference on the 15th of November. It is organised in parallel with the IPMA NL Professional Day 2022 event to support PMs professional development. On this day, one can work on Skills, Attitude and Knowledge. You will also meet fellow professionals with the same passion and get the chance to get to know our communities better. With the theme Back to Basics’, we take you back to our basics, the ICB competency model. The event venue is https://www.spantcongrescentrum.nl/.

The preliminary programme:

9:00-13:00 – IPMA Awards Winners’ Club (NH Utrecht hotel, Jaarbeursplein 24, 3521 AR Utrecht)

13:00-14:00 – lunch

14:00-16:00 – site visit (Utrecht, Netherlands)

18:00 – shuttle transfer from the hotel to the Awards Gala venue (30’)

19:00-22:00 – IPMA Awards Gala in the Flint Theatre, Amersfoort, Netherlands and the announcement of the Awards Winners

The feedback sessions will be scheduled online later in November 2022.
The price for this year’s gala participation is 80 EUR.

Join us soon, on-site in the Netherlands!




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