14.07.2023 Author: IPMA Awards

Celebrating Excellence: IPMA Global Individual Awards 2023 Finalists Revealed

Since 2012, IPMA has been recognizing the best individual achievements in project management each year. Following a six-month-long process, which involves project managers from around the world completing and submitting their applications, as well as a comprehensive assessment based on the Individual Competence Baseline, IPMA is pleased to announce the finalists of the IPMA Global Individual Awards competition in 2023.

IPMA congratulates all those who submitted applications for the 2023 Individual Awards in all three categories, and particularly congratulates the three finalists who demonstrated excellence and innovation in project management.


The finalists in the category of Young Project Manager of the Year, which values excellence in project management skills for individuals under 36 years old, sorted alphabetically by country, are as follows:

  • Andy Mekhail from Australia, who led the projects “Bond St Development, EastCo Development, and Knox Private Hospital Redevelopment.”
  • Mahshad Fathollahian from Iran, who led the project “The Feasibility of Intelligent Pigging Localization in Iran and Identification of Optimal Solutions.”
  • Olalla Garcia Perez from Spain, who led the project “ICE-L Long Distance Train (ETR & DSW).”


Agile Leader of the Year is a category of the IPMA Global Individual Awards granted annually to candidates who demonstrate a high level of competence and innovation in Agile project management. The assessment is based on the competencies described in the IPMA reference Guide ICB4 in an Agile World.

The assessors decided to award the title of Finalist to two applicants, sorted alphabetically by country, as follows:

  • Payam Mayeli Faridany from Iran, who led the project “Stoor.”
  • Waleed Mostafa from Saudi Arabia, who led the project “Digital Platform for Banking and Financial Sector Customers.”


This category recognizes Project Managers who most effectively demonstrate their project management competencies, regardless of the scale, number, complexity, or type of project(s) referenced.

The finalists, sorted alphabetically by country, are as follows:

  • Atilla Pem from Hungary, a project manager of the “House of Hungarian Music” project.
  • Hossein Radmehr from Iran, who led the project “South Pars Phases 17&18 program.”
  • Natalie Newman from South Africa, who led the project “Table View Beachfront Upgrade.”

The final announcement of winners and disclosure of bronze, silver, and gold medal recipients will be published at the IPMA Global Awards Gala Dinner on September 22nd in Seville, Spain.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

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