03.02.2023 Author: IPMA Awards

Call for application for the IPMA PE Awards, category: Large-/Mega-sized Projects

  • Are you brave enough to enter an international competition celebrating excellence in projects and programmes?
  • Do you want to improve your project management based on feedback and benchmark information from an international assessment team?
  • Does your organisation and project team deserve to be acknowledged for their excellent project (or programme) management achievements?
  • Would you like your project to be assessed by an international assessment team?

If you do, apply for the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award: an annual international competition for projects and programmes.

The projects compete in the categories as per below and are judged individually based on the written Application Report and the Site Visit of a team on international Assessors: 

  • Large- (with a budget of 50-200 mln euros) and
  • Mega-sized (>200 mln euro) Projects

Next Steps:

  1. Get familiar with the IPMA Project Excellence Award and Model by taking part in the webinar on the 16th of FEBRUARY: REGISTER HERE and 7th of MARCH: REGISTER HERE
  2. Do not miss the deadline to submit an Application Form: 21st April
  3. Participate in the site visit conducted by the team of international assessors
  4. Share your experiences and network during IPMA Winners Club
  5. Celebrate your success at the IPMA Awards Gala this autumn.

Once you get involved in the process, you benefit from the following:

RECOGNITION – You are assessed against global projects of a similar budget and complexity. Do you like to compete? Accept this challenge. Show that you are one of the most successful projects in 2023!

ASSESSMENT PROCESS – A team of experienced international assessors assesses your project management by applying a unified global baseline – the IPMA Project Excellence Model.

FEEDBACK – At the end of the process, you will receive a detailed Feedback Report prepared by the international assessors’ team. You will receive independent feedback against the comprehensive assessment criteria of the Project Excellence model.

PRESTIGE – Winners are announced on various media and can use the prestigious IPMA Project Excellence Award logo for company documents and publications, helping winners to be indisputably recognised as one of the most successful project teams in a given year.

EXPERIENCE EXCHANGE – pass your experiences in Project Excellence on at the annual Winners Club event – one of the most interesting gatherings of project management authorities and leaders each year.

WINNERS CLUB – be part of an exclusive group of Award Finalists, Assessors and Judges.

If you have any questions, you may always contact us at award@ipma.world.

For more information, check: https://www.ipma.world/projects/project-excellence-awards/

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