18.01.2021 Author: IPMA Global Awards Manager

Nominate your student to the prestigious IPMA Graduate Research Award

IPMA announces a new category that will recognize the research achievements of students before they obtain their scientific title. This category will complement the IPMA Global Research Award portfolio. It will allow researchers at different stages of their careers to present their achievements and confirm their impact on the development of project, programme and portfolio management.

This category, unlike others, assumes that applications will be submitted by the student’s adviser who will thus help their students to start their professional careers. However, it is possible to apply individually if the applicant has the support of their advisor.

The award is an excellent opportunity to confirm the achievements, to present them at an international forum during the IPMA Research Conference, as well as to get to know and start a collaboration with global researchers.

The basic entry criteria are:

  • The research presented for the IPMA Graduate Research Award should be conducted before the nominee/ applicant gets his/her final degree.
  • The nominee/applicant must be with a student status before the award application deadline.

The application and evaluation criteria cover three areas:

  • Research Problem addressed
  • Research Processes
  • Research Results achieved

Each application will be evaluated by 3 independent international judges who are experienced researchers and previous IPMA award winners. Based on the results of the individual evaluation, the judges will select the winner and two finalists in a virtual meeting.

The application process includes submitting the form on the platform: https://ipma.awardsplatform.com by 12 March 2021. A detailed description of the application process can be found in the document: Submission Guideline available under the link.

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