17.11.2023 Author: IPMA Awards

Join the IPMA Research Community – Apply for the IPMA Global Research Awards!

The IPMA Research Awards aim to promote excellence in research to enhance project management. At the annual research Awards, IPMA recognises recent outstanding contributions to the development of the project discipline and professional project management through professionally conducted research.

The scope of the research must cover at least one year of research and must be completed when the application is handed in. Completion of the research may date back to 1st January 2023.

Apply in one of the following categories:

IPMA Graduate Award -Recognising outstanding research for masters, MBAs and PhDs degree before receiving a title;

IPMA Young Researcher Award – Recognising outstanding research by a young researcher (someone under 36 years old or less than 10 years involvement in research);

IPMA Research Award – Recognising an outstanding research project from a researcher or research team;

IPMA Research Achievement Award – researchers with an outstanding lifetime contribution to project management research (nomination-based award).

The time schedule for the Research Awards 2024 is already published:

  • Submit the Application Report by the 5thof February;
  • Receive notification about the Judges’ decision by the 7th of March;
  • Celebrate at the IPMA Research Awards Gala on April 20th.

If you intend to submit to one of the categories in the IPMA Global Research Awards, it is recommended that you carefully read the Submission Guidelines and address all submission requirements in the category of your choice.

The Application Submission should be compiled using the platform https://ipma.awardsplatform.com/ after registering.

Meet the outstanding Researchers, get to know the latest trends and hot words in PM research, and network at the prestigious IPMA Research Awards Gala during the 12th IPMA Research Conference in Maryland, USA, on April 19th-21st.

For more information, contact award@ipma.world

For more details, please visit our website.


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