01.07.2022 Author: IPMA Awards

IPMA Project Manager of the Year and Agile Leader of the Year Finalists have been selected for 2022!

IPMA is pleased to announce the finalists of the Project Manager of the Year and Agile Leader of the Year competition.  The Judges have selected three finalists of PMY and one finalist of Agile Leader of the Year.

PROJECT MANAGER OF THE YEAR (alphabetical order)

The first finalist is Cornelia Alexandra Hänig from Germany who led a project “Ahead DB Cargo”. This project is one of Deutche Bahn AG’s largest international projects. The content is the further development, internationalization and rollout of the approximately 12 commercial group systems in all fully consolidated European companies of DB Cargo and DB Systel. The Judges noted that it is has been an outstanding stakeholder management. Orientation both on project deliverables and the team.  According to the Judges, Cornelia Alexandra is a great leader and know how to make any project a huge success.

The second finalist is Mariam Kamalie from South Africa. She was assigned to programme manage Nature Reserve (NR) projects portfolio. The portfolio objective was to implement environmental educational and administration facilities using alternative building technologies. Towards positive sustainable impact on the environment and create a culture to protect and conserve the natural environment.  The Judges concluded that she is highly competent in the areas of project definition, strategy, compliance and finance. The HNR project overcame critical performance challenges with PM’s initiatives to complete successfully and has started conducting educational programs.

The third finalist is Marianna Sárvári from Hungary with her “Jupiter IT Project”. She says about herself: “I generate tangible results while constantly developing and improving my team and myself”.  The Judges noted the project manager understands excellently project management concepts and she exhibits an exceptionally high level of competence on the selected narratives.”It is clear that throughout the project discussed, she was always in control, carefully planning and implementing her plans, monitoring progress and achieving the expected results” – the Judges say. They also claim that it is an outstanding achievement on the complex and a large-scale IT project.

This category recognises those Project Managers who most effectively demonstrate their project management competences regardless of the scale number, complexity or type of project(s) referenced.


The Judges decided to award with the title of the Finalist only one Applicant: Kamil Mroz from Belgium.

Over the last 10 years, Kamil has been recognized for outstanding project management excellence. He has become an agile coach to help unlock the potential of agile approaches in the pharmaceutical sector. One of the Judges states that it is an undoubtedly great achievement by Kamil – an attempt to bring-in an agile virtue into pharma environment.

Agile Leader of the Year is a category of IPMA Global Individual Awards granted annually to candidates who demonstrate a high level of competence and innovation in Agile project management.  The assessment is based on the competencies described on the IPMA reference Guide ICB4 in an Agile World.

Which of our finalists will win the gold will be announced during the IPMA Awards Gala on 15th November 2022.


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