12.12.2018 Author: IPMA Global Awards Manager

IPMA is announcing its new Global Awards Scheme

Following the Product and Services 2020 strategy, a new IPMA Global Awards scheme will be implemented in 2019. Purpose of the new Global Awards scheme is to:

  • increase the range of the IPMA Global Awards by introducing award categories that meet market developments;
  • introduce leaner application and evaluation processes based on the global IPMA baselines.

Medium and small-sized projects
The biggest changes have been implemented in the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award, introducing separate project type categories for medium and small-sized projects (< €50 million). These projects can submit a written application by completing and submitting the online Submission Form which is based on the IPMA Project Excellence Model. The submission is evaluated by a group of Project Excellence Award judges. The introduction of these new categories should contribute to the promotion of global awards.
For the medium and small-sized projects in 2019, the following project type categories have been selected:

  • IT/Telecommunications
  • Construction/Engineering/Infrastructure
  • Change Management/Product Development/Marketing
  • Social/Regional Development/Community Service
  • Applied Research

It is worth mentioning that the project evaluation process based on the application alone is a great product to implement on a national level, due to the fact that it is easier to organise and involves less financial and time resources from both the applicant organisations and the member association.

Large and mega-sized projects

Large (€50 -200 million) and Mega-sized (> €200 million) projects can participate in a site-based application process, in line with the current global Project Excellence Award process. Their submitted projects are evaluated by a qualified Project Excellence assessment team and judges according to the current process. This includes an assessment of the written application, a multi-day site visit for interviews and delivery of a complete Feedback Report including strengths and areas of improvement in each of the criteria of the IPMA Project Excellence Model.

Individual Awards
The final change to the global IPMA Awards is the introduction of a new award category for individuals: the IPMA Agile Leader of the Year. Starting in 2019, the IPMA Global individual awards consist of the following categories:

  • IPMA Young Project Manager of the Year
  • IPMA Project Manager of the Year
  • IPMA Agile Leader of the Year

To compete in these categories, individuals must submit a written application which is evaluated by a group of judges, based on the IPMA global baseline: ICB4 (IPMA Young PM and PM of the Year) and the Agile Leadership standard (IPMA Agile Leader of the Year).

Research Award categories remain the same as in previous years.

All submission criteria and forms can be found on the IPMA website: www.ipma.world/home/awards/

We would like to thank the Project Team which proposed the Global Awards improvements for the great results delivered. The Project Team consisted of Ariane Moussault, Pau Lian Staal-Ong, Magdalena Gawlak, Mark Patch and Graham Woodward and was managed by Ewa Bednarczyk.

Pau Lian Staal-Ong, IPMA Global Awards Coordinator and Ewa Bednarczyk, IPMA Global Awards Manager

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