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IPMA Global Research Awards Winners 2023

IPMA is delighted to announce the results of the IPMA Global Research Awards for 2023.

This year we received a significant number of high-quality applications, and the independent IPMA Research judges had a hard work reviewing and evaluating the submissions.

The Judges evaluated the applications based on the following criteria: Research Problem, Research Processes, Research Results, and Research People. Each submission was reviewed by 2-3 Judges independently. As a result, potential finalists were selected in each category. All judges collectively made the final ranking and decision about the winners during a final virtual meeting.

IPMA Global Research Award Winners 2023

This year, we received a significant number of high-quality applications in the IPMA Research Award category, and the final judge decided to award not one but two winners in this category.

The winners are:


Professor Giorgio Locatelli from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, with the project “The successful planning and delivery of Megaprojects: a short and long term perspective”.


Professor Young Hoon Kwak from George Washington University, USA, with the project “Sustainable Smart City Framework for the Future”.



Congratulations to both winners and to all their colleagues involved in their research!

Graduate Research Award Winner

In the IPMA Graduate Research Award category, the winner is Jianfeng Zhao, PhD student from China with a PhD research titled “Rethinking value for money in Public Private Partnerships: a critique, analysis and model for infrastructure projects”.



Young Researcher Award Winner

The winner in the IPMA Young Researcher Award category for 2023 is Ge Wang, a professor from China with research titled “Megaproject Management: Top Management Team and Governance Ecosystem”.


IPMA Global Research Achievement Award

IPMA Research Awards judges selected the IPMA Global Research Achievement Awards Winner 2023. This prestigious award was presented to Professor Anbang Qi. The Award Judges decided to reward his lifetime achievements, including research, academic and business management.

Professor Anbang Qi started his academic career in project management in 1984 when he began his project evaluation and review research. He is currently a Faculty Leader of Project Management and Evaluation at Nankai University in China, a Deputy Director of the Project Management Research Committee of China, a Deputy President of the Technological Economics Research Committee of Tianjin, and a Consultant of the Tianjin Municipal Government.

Professor Qi has received many awards and achievements, such as the IPMA Research Award 2009 for “Project Integrated Management Techniques Development and Application”, “The Special Contribution Award by PMI and China State Administration of Foreign Experts”, and he was the First Winner of the „Project Management Achievement Award by the China Project Management Research Committee“, among many other recognitions.

Professor Qi worked as a full professor at Nankai University in China and as a visiting scholar at North Carolina University in Charlotte, USA, in 1998-1999, and at the Leeds University of UK, in1990-1992,  and as a visiting trainee for Chinese University Teachers in Harvard Business School of USA, in 2004.


Congratulations once again to all winners!



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