09.05.2022 Author: IPMA Awards

IPMA Global Research Awards Winners 2022

IPMA is delighted to announce the results of 2022 IPMA Global Research Awards.

A good number of Applicants entered the competition.

Twenty  judges were involved in the evaluation of the applications according to the following criteria: Research Problem, Research Processes, Research Results, Research People. Each application has been evaluated by three Judges. The results of their work allowed for the selection of potential finalists in each category. The final ranking was made during a virtual Judges meeting.

This year there are no Finalists/Winners in Young Researcher Award category.

Here are the results:

In the IPMA Research Award the Winner is Professor Lavagnon Ika from Canada, Peter E. D. Love (PhD) from Australia and Jeffrey K. Pinto (PhD) from the United States with their project “Major Project Behaviour Theory and Practice: The Case of Social Infrastructure”.

In the IPMA Graduate Research Award there is a Winner and two Outstanding contributors this year.

The Winner is Danijela Toljaga – Nikolić – PhD student from Serbia. Her project is titled “Integrated model for project success improvement based on sustainability principles”.

The title of Outstanding contribution goes to Tobias Lieberum – PhD student from Germany. His project is “Should We All Work in Sprints? How Agile Project Management Improves Performance”.

The other Outstanding contribution is for Yichen Sun – chinese Master student with her project “Dynamic assessment modelling for project portfolio benefits”.

Research Award Winner:

Graduate Research Award Winner and Outstanding contrubutions:


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