15.11.2022 Author: IPMA Awards

International Project Management Association announced IPMA Global Awards Winners 2022!

At the 21st IPMA Global Award Gala, 2022, held in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, the winners of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards and IPMA Individual Awards were announced.

The IPMA Global Awards is an annual celebration of all project managers. At our Gala, we reward and recognise the best projects worldwide, supporting outstanding individuals and organisations in their field. The process of selecting the winners is a huge amount of work by assessors and judges – based on our global standards: the IPMA ICB and IPMA PEB. Every application is carefully assessed, and being nominated as a finalist means great recognition. Congratulations to everyone! It is with great joy, after two years of virtual meetings – the first time after the pandemic – that I welcome everyone to the IPMA Global Awards 2022 gala!” said IPMA President Joop Schefferlie at the opening of the Gala.

Every year, the IPMA Global Awards brings applicants representing the most impressive projects in the world. These are complex, challenging and demanding projects with substantial financial outlays. They are the best examples of how much can be achieved based on the best project management standards. The key benefits of participating in our awards process are sharing experience, best practice, networking opportunities and global recognition.” – said Jose Reyes, IPMA VP MarComm, Awards and Events.

This year’s IPMA Global Awards Gala was held during the IPMA Netherlands National Conference on the 15th of November. It was organised in parallel with the IPMA NL Professional Day 2022 event to support PMs’ professional development. It was a fantastic event, organised together with IPMA Netherlands, who also awarded their local Awards during the Gala dinner.

” For the 21st time, IPMA has awarded prizes to various projects contributing to the development of the project management field. All nominated projects are Project Management masterpieces. For the last couple of weeks, you have had the opportunity to learn about the winning projects as the videos promoting them appeared on our social media channels regularly. We want the whole PM world to learn from the best case studies presented by tonight’s nominees. Over 100 judges and assessors were engaged in the awards processes.” – Pau Lian Staal-Ong, the IPMA Global Awards Coordinator, in her speech.

Organisations that apply for the Project Excellence Award invite an international team of qualified Project Excellence Assessors to assess their projects based on the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline® (IPMA PEB). The Feedback Report that finalists receive contains the Assessment Team findings in terms of strengths and areas for improvement in all twenty criteria of the IPMA PEB as well as the evaluation of the judges,” – commented Pau Lian Staal-Ong, IPMA Awards Coordinator. “The Feedback Report helps organisations further develop the excellence principles in their project management, improving the execution and delivery of their projects. IPMA also supports celebrating outstanding project excellence results on a global platform by publishing Award winners’ project and organisation profiles through digital media, social media and during our international events held throughout the year,” – added Pau Lian Staal-Ong.

Project Managers, project teams and organisations from all over the world were called on stage – to receive recognition for their project management successes.

This year’s IPMA Award Gala was organised for the 21st time!
It hosted over 120 professionals worldwide to celebrate personal successes and the successes of their project teams and projects.
15 trophies were handed out to the winners in 7 categories during the event.


IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards 2022 Winners are:



IPMA Global Individual Awards 2022 Winners are:


This year’s Gala was a fantastic event co-organised with IPMA Netherlands.

We thank our co-organisers for their ongoing support and for hosting IPMA Global Awards in the Netherlands this year!

Hartelijk dank IPMA Netherlands!

Stay tuned for more photos and news from the Gala!


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