01.07.2019 Author: IPMA Global Awards Manager

IPMA Global Research Award Winners 2019 announced!

IPMA is delighted to announce the results of this year’s IPMA Global Research Awards.

A record number of applicants in both categories entered the competition. As many as 21 judges were involved in the evaluation of the applications according to the following criteria: research results achieved, originality, theoretical foundation, transparency and professionalism of the research processes and methodologies, practical relevance, recognition and/or influential impact on further research on project management.

Each application has been evaluated by at least three Judges. The results of their work allowed for the selection of potential finalists in each category.

The final ranking was made during a virtual Judges meeting. In each category, a Winner and two applications receiving the title of Outstanding Contribution were selected.

The Judges have nominated the following:

IPMA Global Research Award Category:

  • IPMA Research Award Winner: Ralf Muller and his team Shankar Sankaran and Nathalie Drouin, for the Research Project Project Balanced Leadership in Projects.
  • IPMA Outstanding Research Contribution: Lynn Crawford and her team: Erica French and Beverley Lloyd-Walker, for the Research Project Exploring the Evolution of Project Based Careers.
  • IPMA Outstanding Research Contribution Yongkui Li and his team (Qinghua He; Yi Hu; Yun Le; Yilong Han; Yujie Lu and Yunbo Lu), for the Research Project Megaproject Management: Complexity, Governance and Organizational Behavior.

IPMA Global Young Researcher Award Category:

  • IPMA Young Researcher Award Winner: Juliano Denicol for the Research Project Designing Client Organisations and Supply Chain Strategies to Deliver Megaprojects.
  • IPMA Outstanding Research Contribution: Luca Sabini for the Research Project Sustainability and Project Management.
  • IPMA Outstanding Research Contribution: Vahidreza Yousefi for the Research Project Project Portfolio Selection Using Risk and Return Optimization.

The nominated research projects will be presented during a special session of the 7th IPMA Global Research Conference in Zagreb, Croatia. The Awards will be handed out at the Gala accompanying the Congress and will take place on 6th September.

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